Literature & Product Displays

Professional trade shows and exhibitions are all about getting your branding and corporate message across to the attending guests, visitors and delegates, and a key element of this is your marketing materials which you should make enticing, clear and accessible to all. That’s why items such as our brochure and literature racks are so effective, enabling you to position your marketing materials in high traffic volume areas within your exhibition hall. On-stand, why not hire magazine racks, shelving and magazine bins so that visitors to your stand can take something away with them to read at a later date. Whatever your literature display requirements, rest assured that Eventex Furniture has it covered and so why not take a few moments to browse our range here online, enjoy free delivery and place your secure order with the experts!

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A4 Sign Holder For Chrome Retractable Barrier

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A4 Sign Holder For Black Retractable Barrier

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Magazine Bin

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Flip Chart & Easel

Price £46.20+ VAT

Rectangular Display Plinth - Blue

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Rectangular Display Plinth - Red

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A4 Brochure Unit

Price £66.00+ VAT

A4 Freestanding Sign

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A3 Freestanding Sign

Price £79.20+ VAT

A4 Literature Rack - Clear

Price £99.00+ VAT

A4 Literature Rack - Silver

Price £99.00+ VAT

4 Shelf Magazine Rack

Price £104.50+ VAT

Buffet Counter

Price £389.40+ VAT

Literature & Product Displays

It's imperative at any exhibition that you are able to communicate your brand, products and services to the incoming guests and visitors, and here at Eventex Furniture we provide you with a number of different ways to achieve this. Communication is everything, and you want to make sure that you position your marketing materials in the most accessible way in the highest volume traffic areas around your exhibition stand and in the exhibition hall and venue.

Maximise brand visibility at your exhibition

Our A4 literature racks, for instance, are an ideal way of getting your message out there. Available in either silver or clear perspex, literature racks from Eventex Furniture have a zigzag design onto which company brochures can be positioned so that they are visible and accessible to everyone. We also offer a range of magazine racks and bins for your exhibition. It's critical to be able to communicate your brand message at exhibitions, whether this is with brochures or other marketing materials and literature racks achieve this in an effective, space saving way. These literature racks are freestanding and brochures can be positioned both sides, providing you with a stylish accessory for your exhibition stand.

Our A4 brochure units make the stand for making your company brochures visible and available to guests to your stand and also to passers-by in the exhibition hall. Exhibiting at major exhibitions can be an expensive business and so you want to make sure that you are maximising every possible opportunity, and what better way to achieve this by positioning your brochures, magazines and other marketing materials in high volume traffic areas. In a similar vein, we also offer magazine bins which you can position at the entrance and exit points of your exhibition venue to help distribute a trade magazine or a sponsored publication for your exhibition.

Another option for product display and for showcasing new products are our display plinths which look superb on any exhibition stand. Available in either blue or red, they have beech tops and cushioned sides, providing you with stunning display equipment hire. It might be that you want to have a laptop sitting on top of a plinth so you can showcase your online or ecommerce facility to your visitors in a professional way, or you might simply want to position some marketing materials on the plinth, laying them out in an enticing way. Furthermore, the fact that our plinths are available in a variety of colours means that you may well be able to match up the colour of the plinth on your exhibition stand to your corporate colours, branding or logo.

Effective product display is critical on your exhibition stand

When it comes to having versatile units for your exhibition stand, our shelving units are hard to beat. You can put literature, brochure or almost anything on our shelving to help create a memorable exhibition space for your organisation. Magazines are an excellent example of when these shelving units come into their own - exhibition organisers might want to position these in the entrance area of the exhibition hall displaying trade magazines so that they are available and accessible for large volumes of visitors. Likewise, exhibition organisers might have a range of merchandise that they want to promote in the arena if this is the case, then you can create a temporary retail outlet in a part of your exhibition venue by using counters, glass showcases and shelving or a combination of all these, providing a highly effective exhibition merchandise or clothing shop, for example. Ultimately, where you can use metal shelving at an exhibition very much depends upon the type of product that you want to display, whether it is on exhibition stands or in organiser areas.

And finally, if you need to make presentations or help explain detail to clients on your exhibition stand, why not consider our flip charts and easels. Whilst we live in a world of technology, certain companies still choose to use flip charts and easels, especially when bouncing ideas around.

Whatever your requirements, Eventex Furniture will work with you to make sure your exhibition is the complete success you want it to be. We service exhibitions in London, Birmingham NEC and others, Telford International Centre, Manchester exhibition venues and many others with our complete range of exhibition furniture rental and our seamless delivery direct to stands. If you’re ready to place your order, you can do so online 24/7 right here at Eventex Furniture. Alternatively, you can call a member of our expert sales team who will be delighted to discuss your requirements and process your order over the phone when you are ready. Either way, we very much look forward to hearing from you soon.