Our glossary provides you with a list of commonly used phrases, product names and terminology from the exhibition industry that you might find of use. These are listed below in alphabetical order.


Alpha Stool – A specific type of stool which has a single chrome post on which a padded and cushioned seat sits, with a gas lift option providing adjustable height, ensuring that these are suitable for staff and clients alike.


Ammon Café Table – A type of low level table, characterised by its circular solid base and single post. A variety of table tops can sit on top, according to the styling and colours of your exhibition stand.


Ammon Poseur Table – These high tables have solid chrome finished circular bases and a single tall post on which a variety of glass table tops can sit.


Banquo Chair – A transparent “see through” chair with 4 legs. Banquo chairs are often used to create a modern and contemporary look on exhibition stands and at events.


Bar – Perfect for exhibition organisers who want to designate a particular area in their venue for a VIP lounge or networking area. Our bars are modular and come in both straight and curved sections, so you can, to a certain extent, customise the size and shape of your exhibition bar to suit your requirements.


Barrier Post – Made in metal with chrome finish, barrier posts are approximately a metre tall and are freestanding. Position these a small distance apart and they have a small loop on the side to which you can attach a colour rope to provide a VIP look on the exhibition stand.


Barrier Rope – Used in conjunction with barrier posts, ropes are approximately a metre in length and are available from Eventex Furniture in red, blue and black colours, providing a welcoming entrance area for your exhibition stand. 


Bench – Often used by exhibition organisers for their seminar areas, lecture theatres and general presentation areas, enabling larger volumes of guests to be seated for a short period to listen to keynote speakers and other invited contributors. Our seminar benches, for example, have 4 seat pads on each, which are interchangeable and so these can be matched up to suit the colour and branding of your exhibition or alternatively the company that is delivering the presentation.


Bottle Fridge – A type of freestanding fridge that is available in different sizes, usually 5cu ft or 12cu ft in capacity, and either with solid or glass door. 


Booking Stool – A style of stool often found behind reception desks, with adjustable height and padded seat and back.


Brochure Unit - Made in metal but relatively lightweight and portable, brochure units provide tiered shelving for company brochures and literature on exhibition stands, making them an essential part of any company’s show requirements.


Café Chair – Made all in aluminium, café chairs are lightweight and stackable, and are perfect for both café areas indoors in the exhibition hall, and on your stand if you are creating a food-orientated exhibition stand, for instance.


Café Stool – A high stool made completely from aluminium so it is lightweight and stylish and a good space saving option for exhibition stands.


Catering Equipment – The generic term given to equipment that is used for the purposes of cooking. Here at Eventex, we offer a range of catering equipment which can be used for cooking demonstrations, food shows and exhibitions, and other similar occasions. It is all PAT tested to comply with current safety regulations.


Chairs – Pieces of exhibition furniture that are available in many different designs and styles, and an obvious addition to any exhibition equipment list.


Cheval Mirror – A full-height mirror which has a stainless steel frame and is on castors so is easily to move around. These mirrors can also be titled and so can be adjusted to the right angle for individuals to use.


Club Chair – These luxurious chairs are characterised by their deep-set seats, with fully cushioned arms and backs in an all in one style, usually covered in leather. 


Coffee Maker – A piece of electrical equipment which provides fresh coffee – an integral part of your exhibition hire list!


Coffee Tables – These can be round, square or rectangular in shape and are often low level, made in wood, glass or metal.


Coatrail – A freestanding metal frame on to which hangers and coats are placed.


Conference Chair – Metal framed chairs with a cushioned seat pad which can also be linked together with large seminars and conferences from a health and safety point of view, but which are also available in smaller numbers for exhibition stands.


Conference Table – Any type of table that is larger than normal around which delegates can sit and have business conversations and negotiations.


Cube Stool - A cube shaped piece of furniture which has a wooden frame and leather upholstery, which is often used alongside leather club chairs on exhibition stands. The stools are usually used as extra seating options as they are useful from a space saving point of view.


Display Cabinet – A type of free standing furniture which can take many forms in terms of design and style. These cabinets are used to display small products or company literature and sometimes have drawers or cabinets at the base which are lockable. An integral part of these cabinets can also be LED interior lighting to show off products at their best.


Display Plinth – A type of wooden framed furniture which is simple in design, and styled so that products can be placed on top and shown off at their best.


Ebony Stool – A type of bar stool which has adjustable height with a single chrome post and sold chrome base, ideal for exhibition stands.


Executive Chair – A type of office chair that has a padded seat with armrests and which is on castors on the base to provide the user with ease of movement around a small space.


Exhibition – A type of event which typically brings employees, clients and companies from the same industry together in one venue. Exhibition scan be indoors or outdoors.


Fabric Settee – A settee with a fabric cover which is interchangeable. Here at Eventex, we offer a range of different colours of covers including white, black, burnt orange and grey, for example, to provide our clients with the complete choice for their upcoming exhibition.


Filing Cabinet – A type of metal cupboard which is usually lockable and that has drawers that slide out. Filing cabinets usually have grooves on the interior rails so that files and folders can be positioned, providing the user with an easily accessible and organised piece of furniture for documents and similar items.


Flip Chart & Easel – A type of freestanding furniture on which presentations and free drawing can be displayed or shown, usually used in a business environment.


Folding Chair – A type of chair that is lightweight and which folds into a flat shape, making them easy to transport.


Fridge – A type of kitchen equipment that keeps foods and drinks cool. These are usually powered from mains electric.


Furniture – The collective term for chairs, tables, sofas, settees, armchairs and other pieces of equipment that is used for the home, events or exhibitions.


Glass Showcase – A type of exhibition furniture that is always popular for the purpose of displaying small products and company literature. These are usually lockable and have LED lights inside. These are usually available in a variety of shapes, sizes and designs.


Glasswasher – A piece of electrical equipment into which large volumes of glasses can be placed and washed, ready for their next use. Glasswashers can often be of a cabinet or rotary variety.


Handwash Unit – A piece of freestanding furniture which enables users to wash their hands. These units are often a necessary part of food festival equipment lists to comply with health and safety regulations.


Hat Stand – A metal piece of furniture which is approximately 6ft in height and freestanding, with several short arms, providing a facility for which people can hang their hats, coats or other garments. 


High Back Chair – A type of chair that has exactly that….a high back. Our high back chairs have interchangeable seat pad covers so you can customise your chair according to your exhibition stand décor.


Hospitality Equipment – The generic name given to equipment that is used for hospitality, in this sense, on exhibition stands. This can range from anything such as coffee makers, through to kettles, thermal dispensing jugs and much more. 


ISO Chair – The classic exhibition chair which has a padded base and back with polished metal frame. These ISO chairs for exhibitions are stackable and, from Eventex, are available in a choice of colour options.


Jem Round Poseur Table – A style of poseur table characterised by its solid circular base and single chrome post, with circular table top. These tables are slender and tall, designed so that people can either stand at them or sit at them on bar stools.


Jem Square Poseur Table – With square tabletops, Jem poseur tables have a four legged chrome base, long chrome post and the square tops, the material for which can often be customised in beech, black, white, aluminium or other colours.


Jem Table – A normal height style of table which is perfect for exhibition stands, with a four legged chrome base, chrome post and circular table top which can often be customised in beech, aluminium, white or black according to your choice.


Kettle – An electrical appliance which is used for the purposes of boiling water in a short space of time.


Lattice Table – A type of table which is normal table height which has a metal lattice patterned stem.


Leather Furniture – A generic term given to any piece of furniture with a faux leather finish, typically armchairs, settees, sofas and cube stools to name just a few.


Leather Sofa - Here at Eventex available in 2 seater and 3 seater sofa options and in different colours, leather sofas provide a real quality and professional styling element to your organiser area or exhibition stand.


Lectern – A piece of free standing furniture at which a person will typically stand to deliver a presentation to an audience. The top of slanted towards the speaker onto which notes can be positioned.


Lipstick Mirror – A tall, slender mirror which is freestanding and which provides a modern and contemporary look on exhibition stands.


Literature Rack – A stand that is usually made from Perspex and steel on which companies are able to display advertising and promotional literature to visitors to exhibition stands.


Lockable Cupboard – These cupboards are available in different finishes such as beech wood, black and white, and in different sizes, providing you with the complete range of choice. It’s always a good idea to have some form of security for small items such as promotional merchandise, giveaways and other marketing materials, and these fit the bill perfectly.


Locker – A piece of furniture which has small lockable compartments into which valuables and personal belongings can be placed for the purposes of safe keeping.


Lounge Furniture – A generic term given to soft furnishings and other furniture such as settees, sofas, coffee tables and so on which, used well and correctly, can help produce fantastic exhibition stands.


Low Showcase – A counter height glass showcase in which small products can be displayed. These come with glass shelves and/or a cabinet at the base. They are lockable and are also LED illuminated, helping to show off products to their very best at exhibitions.


Magazine Bin – A wooden type piece of furniture into which stacks of magazines and other promotional literature can be put, making them easily accessible for visiting guests and delegates to the exhibition.


Metal Cupboard – A type of freestanding furniture which come in a variety of sizes, with opening doors at the front in which objects and belongings can be placed.


Metro Chair – A metal framed chair which is available with interchangeable seat pad options. The metal frame has a chrome finish, with vertical rungs running up the back of the chair.


Microwave –A type of electrical kitchen appliance which is used for heating small foods in a short space of time. Ideal for hospitality arrangements on an exhibition stand, normally behind the scenes.


Milan Chair – A leather-padded chair with four chrome legs that offers a stylish seating solution for your exhibition stand.


Oro Bar Stool – A modern piece of freestanding furniture with a solid chrome base and post, padded seat and back and chrome frame providing the arms.


Oro Coffee Table – Perfect for the hospitality area on your exhibition stand, Ammon coffee tables are low level tables with chrome bases and posts, and you can choose from a variety of table tops for these coffee tables, from beech, black and white through to black glass, clear glass and sandblast glass.


Oro Poseur Table – A tall, freestanding piece of furniture which is designed to provide somewhere for people to chat standing up or sitting at the table on a stool, and which are usually available with a variety of table tops.


Pedestal Coffee Table – A style of coffee table that has a four legged base and chrome post with round, circular table top.


Polytop Table – A type of kitchen catering prep table with a moulded top, making it easily cleanable, and which is perfect for food festivals and shows.


Poseur Tables – A style of table which are characterised by their long tall posts so the table top is at a height where people can rest their drinks when standing up rather than being sat down.


Poseur Table & Cover – A style of poseur table package that provides not only the table itself but also the stretch cover to go over it right down to the feet, providing a stylish and modern piece of exhibition furniture.


Rattan Furniture – A cane-style design of furniture which normally comes as settees in different sizes, armchairs and coffee tables which can either be hired individually or as a matching set to provide both exhibitors and exhibition organisers with a modern way of furnishing their specific areas.


Rebus Stool – A modern style stool which has a circular seat and a strip of cushioned back, on a solid chrome base with chrome post and adjustable height with gas lift. These are often available in a variety of colours.


Reception Counters – A large piece of furniture which can be positioned at the front of an exhibition stand to provide a focal point for when guests visit your stand. Here at Eventex, many of our reception counters can have your company logo added with low tack vinyl for a small additional fee.


Reception Desk – Made in beech and steel, reception desks come in a variety of different styles, and which are perfect for exhibition stands.


Refrigeration Equipment – A generic term given to everything cooling related that you might need for your exhibition stand whether this is a water cooler to offer cups of cold water to your visitors, or simply a fridge round the back of your stand to keep items such as soft drinks, milk and so on cool for your hospitality requirements.


Riva Chair – Modern and contemporary chairs that have a leather-effect finish in white, black or red, and are perfect for relaxation areas in an exhibition hall or even on exhibition stands for delegates to enjoy a coffee and a chat during the show.


Roma Stool – A type of bar stool which is ideal for space saving on exhibition stands, with a solid chrome base and post, footrail and also with adjustable height. These are normally available in a variety of colours so you can tie these in with your existing exhibition stand décor.


Screen – A freestanding piece of furniture which has a solid wooden frame and covered with fabric which can be positioned on an exhibition stand or in any other space to provide a dividing partition for privacy.


Shelving – This can take many forms but is essentially any form of wooden, metal or plastic racking onto which company literature can be placed.


Sign Holders – Usually A3 or A4, these are great tools for being able to get a message to your visitors, especially when they are queueing to get into your exhibition. As an exhibition organiser, you might also want to sell this advertising space as an additional revenue generator.


Stools – The collective name given to pieces of furniture on which people sit but which aren’t chairs, as stools are often higher and people sit on them for shorter time periods.


Tables – Any type of round, rectangular or square piece of furniture with legs onto which objects can be placed.


Tallboy Showcase – A type of glass display cabinet which is upright, slimline and freestanding. Lockable and internally LED lit, these showcases can either be all glass with internal glass shelves, or have glass shelves with a cabinet at the base.


Tall Centre Showcase – A freestanding glass display cabinet which is perfect for exhibitions. Lockable and internally LED lit, your products can be displayed to visitors who are standing up and looking straight at them. They are double the width of the tallboy, and similarly can have either all glass with glass shelves, or alternatively have a cabinet at the base which makes a useful place to store products and literature.


Tall Fridge – Another name for an upright fridge.


Tensabarrier – A type of queue management barrier which is a freestanding post which contains a retractable webbing. This webbing hooks onto the adjacent retractable barrier to create a row of barriers.


Trestle Table – A type of table which has a wooden top and metal folding legs. These are usually available in a variety of different sizes and are usually round or rectangular.


Trio Poseur Table – A tall table which is characterised by its three pronged legs.


Turin Stool – A popular style of stool which is often found on exhibition stools due to their simple style but which are comfortable at the same time.


Typist Chair – A type of chair that is usually found behind reception desks. With adjustable height and castors, these chairs provide an efficient seating option for company staff.


Trade Show – Similar to exhibitions, trade shows are events that are held to bring together companies and clients in a single venue with the purpose of creating new business opportunities and solidifying existing customer relationships.


Unit Chair – A type of low chair that is most often found in office reception areas but which is ideal for exhibition stands. Combined with unit tables, these wooden framed, fabric covered chairs provide a stylish and professional look.


Unit Coffee Table – A type of low level furniture which has a wooden frame with fabric cover, to be used in conjunction with unit chairs to produce a professional look.


Uplighter – A freestanding electrical light with a metal base and thin, long post, with the light bulb sitting in glass at the top.


Vacuum Jug – A type of pump action flask which dispenses hot liquids as and when required.


Vanity Mirror – A type of mirror that also has light bulbs inset into it, running off electric, providing the style of mirror that is usually found in make-up artists rooms.


Waste Bin – A small piece of furniture which sits in the corner of an area into which rubbish is placed to keep a clean and tidy exhibition stand.


Water Boiler – An electrical or gas appliance into which cold water is put and the appliance boils the water ready for use in hot beverages and similar. The hot water can be dispensed via a small tap at the front of the appliance.


Water Cooler – A freestanding piece of exhibition furniture which cools spring water and dispenses this when people position a cup at the front of the unit and turn on the tap.


Wooden seating form – A bench style piece of furniture which is versatile and so perfect for exhibitions.


Zip Bars & Counters – Zip bars are modular, meaning that they can fit together to create bars and counters of the size you need for your exhibition stand or VIP area. With a polished stainless steel finish and small LED downlighters, they really do provide a stunning finish for your exhibition.


Z Stool – Characterised by its shape and design, Z stools have a Z-shaped metal frame with a chrome finish, and a circular seat pad on top to provide both a functional and stylish piece of exhibition furniture.