Portable Bars

Larger exhibition stands as well as exhibition organisers can benefit from our superb range of exhibition bars, available as modular units here online at Eventex Furniture. By modular, we mean that you can hire multiple units which sit alongside each other to create the size of bar you need for your VIP lounge, for instance. By using straight units and curved units, you can create not only straight lines bars but also semi-circular and even oval shapes bars for large areas. Why not check out our vinyl branding service if you’d like to put your logo or corporate message on the front of the bar units - speak to one of our sales team about this who will be delighted to assist you. Whatever your exhibition bar requirements, rest assured that Eventex Furniture will provide you with a seamless hire experience direct to and from your exhibition venue with the minimum of hassle. Browse hire hire today with the exhibition furniture hire experts here at Eventex!

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White Bar - Curved Section

Price £264.00+ VAT

White Bar - Straight Section

Price £264.00+ VAT

Zip Bar - Straight Section

Price £264.00+ VAT

Zip Bar - Curved Section

Price £264.00+ VAT

Oak Top Bar

Price £363.00+ VAT

Portable Bars

Many exhibitions require temporary bars at the venues, either ordered by one or a few exhibitors for their large exhibition stands, or alternatively hired by the exhibition organisers for their VIP area or members only area, for example.

Whatever you need when it comes to temporary bar units, Eventex Furniture offers a range of bar units, one of which is sure to suit what you and your exhibition. The temporary bar units are modular and so you hire just one section or multiple sections to form a large bar, of course depending upon the size of your stand or area in which you want to place it. It is possible to add vinyl adhesives to the counter fronts, although it is important that this is low-tack vinyl which will not damage the perspex front. Note that if you do attach vinyl or anything else to the counters that results in damage, then you are liable for the replacement charge. To avoid any potential problems, the team here at Eventex offer a vinyl production service which is very competitively priced. Please allow at least 2 weeks prior to the start of your show for this production process.

Organisers can create wonderful bar areas within their exhibition venue

We offer a range of exhibition bars here online. Our modular Zip bars, for instance, come in straight and curved sections so that you can create the bar to suit your requirements. The bars have a polished chrome finish, making a professional statement and a real eye-catching piece of exhibition furniture hire. Temporary bars are always popular at exhibitions, especially for designated organiser areas and also on the larger exhibition stands. Visitors are always attracted to exhibition stands that offer a warm and inviting look and high quality temporary bars, with the additional stools and poseur tables that you can also hire from Eventex Furniture, provides a relaxing yet professional finish for your exhibition stand.  You can hire the number of bar units you need to create the shape of bar you need whether this is a straight line bar, oval exhibition bar or circular exhibition bar, which is sure to create a lasting impression on your clients, both established and new.

Stylish exhibition bars are part of our range of exhibition furniture

As an alternative, why not also consider our stylish white bars from Eventex Furniture. These white bars are freestanding and come with a white perspex frontage and black counter top. We also offer black perspex counter frontages for these white bars which are available upon request, at the same price as the white option. You can either hire these bar units as single units or fit together several units to create larger bar areas.

Our oak top bars also provide an interesting alternative if the Zip bars and white bars are not for you.  With their toungue-and-groove panelling on the front and the solid oak top, you can rest assured of a lovely appearance on your exhibition stand or in your exhibition organiser bar area.

Many-a-business deal takes place in an informal setting rather than in a professional boardroom environment and so providing a relaxed bar area either on large exhibition stands or in designated areas within an exhibition venue allows visitors the chance to have a chat and a drink in a relaxed atmosphere. Depending upon the nature of your exhibition, of course, temporary bars, therefore, can be a valuable addition to the overall furniture hire you need for your exhibition.

And why not add your company logo, branding or message to the front of certain products within this range with our vinyl branding service - see individual products for more information.