Chairs & Bench Seating

Our range of chairs for hire for exhibitions is one of the largest in the country, providing you with almost every type of chair you could possibly want for your exhibition stand or organiser area. Whether you want to hire modern style chairs for your exhibition stand, or as an organiser you need to hire large quantities of matching cushioned chairs for your seminar or presentation areas, or maybe you need to hire executive office chairs for your professional meeting areas, we have the complete range available here online at Eventex Furniture. Providing a free, nationwide delivery and collection service to and from the leading UK exhibition venues, you can be sure of a seamless hire experience for your upcoming exhibition. Work with the exhibition furniture hire experts here online at Eventex Furniture - we look forward to hearing from you soon!

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Deluxe Folding Chair

Price £18.48+ VAT

Wooden Seating Form

Price £25.08+ VAT

Maya Chair - White

Price £25.74+ VAT

Directors Chair - Black

Price £31.68+ VAT

Directors Chair - Red

Price £31.68+ VAT

Directors Chair - Blue

Price £31.68+ VAT

Directors Chair - Natural

Price £31.68+ VAT

Riva Chair - White

Price £31.68+ VAT

Directors Chair - Green

Price £31.68+ VAT

Riva chair - Black

Price £31.68+ VAT

Riva Chair - Red

Price £31.68+ VAT

ISO Chair - Blue

Price £31.68+ VAT

ISO Chair - Grey

Price £31.68+ VAT

Conference Chair - Grey

Price £31.68+ VAT

Directors Chair - White

Price £31.68+ VAT

Linking ISO Chair - Grey

Price £32.34+ VAT

Metro Chair

Price £34.32+ VAT

Tolix Chair - Gun Metal

Price £36.96+ VAT

Cafe Chair

Price £36.96+ VAT

Teak & Aluminium Cafe Chair

Price £36.96+ VAT

Tolix Chair - Black

Price £36.96+ VAT

High Back Chair - Black

Price £39.60+ VAT

Aluminium & Wicker Cafe Chair

Price £39.60+ VAT

Teak Nova Chair

Price £39.60+ VAT

Chairs & Bench Seating

For all your exhibition stand requirements, our range of exhibition chairs for hire provides both traditional and modern designs from which you can choose. Many of our chair hire ranges are available in different colours to ensure that your professional corporate image is enhanced on your exhibition stand.  Your choice of exhibition stand will ultimately determine the style of exhibition chair that you want to hire. Suffice to say that you won't be doing a huge amount of sitting down during the course of an exhibition but when these times do come and you welcome visitors onto your stand - whether these be existing clients or potential new clients - you want to have the facility available to sit down with them and have a chat over a coffee or, if there are contracts to be reviewed, then have a more formal area on your exhibition stand.  At the same time, exhibition organisers will want to hire chairs not only for their organiser offices but also for certain designated areas within the exhibition hall that they have allocated to different activities. For example, there may well be a cafe and refreshment area within the hall for which you want to hire cafe chairs. Or you may be wanting to hire seminar benches or ISO chairs for your lecture theatres and other areas.

Largest exhibition chair hire range in the UK

Whatever your requirements, Eventex Furniture can help with one of the largest ranges of exhibition chairs for hire in London, Birmingham and across the country. Choose from our extensive range of ISO chairs for hire (available in either linking and non-linking options), conference chair hire, Rio chairs, folding chairs for hire, modern Banquo chairs, leather Milan chairs, wooden high back chairs, metal framed metro chairs, cafe chairs and a whole host of other exhibition chairs, providing something for everyone and for all exhibition types.

Our Rio chairs are one of the most popular types of chairs online here at Eventex Furniture and for good reason. They are professionally styled, with a chrome frame onto which sits a cushioned seat and back and so they not only look great but are also comfortable for your guests and clients. And the best feature about the Rio chairs is that they are available in a variety of different colours and finishes including fabric in olive green, black, blue, purple, grey and biscuit as well as faux leather options of white and grey. If it’s a modern exhibition space you want to create then you really do need to look no further than Rio chairs to help you in your mission to create an exhibition stand that is far superior that your competitors.

At the same time, lightweight and versatile, our range of folding chairs are always popular at exhibitions. You can hire folding chairs in the quantities that you need for your exhibition, whether this be in single numbers of your exhibition stand or in larger volumes for your organiser designated areas. The seats and backs are made in durable plastic and the frames are made in aluminium. With a stock running into the thousands, Eventex Furniture offers one of the largest stocks in the country, providing exhibition organisers and their exhibitors with the ultimate chair hire product, whether you need NEC chair hire, London exhibition chair hire or any other location. Hire folding chairs in conjunction with any of our range of tables or coffee tables, for example, and you have affordable exhibition furniture hire with a professional finish, with the minimum of fuss.

Modern & contemporary exhibition furniture helps engagement with visitors

Our range of Riva chairs provides are hugely stylish and are available in different colours to fit in with your corporate colours. White, black and red Riva chairs are the colour options, providing you with the ultimate in choice when it comes to modern designer exhibition chair hire. These chairs are the ideal piece of furniture for certain areas with your exhibition venue where you want to offer the ability to relax and have a chat over a coffee. They are more designer than standard exhibition chairs and so offer something different to the norm. They are stylish and professional looking yet still offer a comfortable seating option. When combined with glass topped tables or Jem tables, for example, the finish you can achieve is stunning.

One of the mainstays of exhibitions is the ISO chair. With metal frames and cushioned bases, our range of ISO chairs is available in 2 different colours and in the quantities that you need, whether you are looking for 2 for your stand, 20 for a small gathering or 200 for a seminar within the exhibition hall. The cushioned seats of these exhibition chairs make them a comfortable seating option - something which is often overlooked for theatre areas, and also on exhibition stands - let's face it, as exhibitors, exhibition days can be long and so always ensure that you hire comfortable exhibition chairs as a must! The polished chrome frames of these chairs adds a further professional and stylish touch to this most popular exhibition chair. ISO chairs are a favourite of professional exhibitors as they really do provide that professional touch you are looking for. They are available as non-linking for exhibition stands or with linking mechanisms for larger organiser spaces where you need to make sure that your chairs link together to maintain the straight lines and for H&S reasons – something that is particularly important where you are running a number of keynote speaker events during the course of your exhibition and so you’ll have people coming in and out of that area on a frequent basis. And of course don't just hire ISO chairs for your exhibition stand - why not also consider table hire and coffee table hire, all of which are available in different styles and colour options from the exhibition furniture hire specialists right here online at Eventex Furniture.

Chairs of all types for exhibitions of all types

Available in blue and red and in the quantities you need, exhibition conference chairs from Eventex are perfect for your event seminar or meeting at your venue. These chairs are robust, with padded seats and backs and a metal frame. These exhibition chairs are useful not only for exhibition stands, but in theatre areas, seminar areas and other designated areas around your exhibition venue. If they are being used in the larger quantities, then you might want to take advantage of the Eventex Furniture team being able to set up these exhibition conference chairs for you to a pre-determined plan, which will no doubt save you effort and hassle. If this is the case, then please speak to us in advance of your exhibition as there will be a time element involved in this and, therefore, this service is likely to incur a small additional charge. Exhibition conference chair hire from Eventex Furniture is always a popular item and so always make sure that you book early, well in advance of your exhibition. You can place your order online or alternatively you can call our expert sales team who will be delighted to assist you with your requirements.
We wouldn’t be the leading exhibition furniture hire company in the UK if we didn’t offer a range of slightly more unusual chairs for hire for trade shows and exhibitions, an example of which is our range of director’s chairs. These chairs are the ‘Hollywood’ style wooden frame and canvas seat and back which you find on film sets. They are foldable and here at Eventex are available in a range of different colour options. Chairs such as these provide you with the opportunity to be creative and imaginative, and so if you’re looking to differentiate your exhibition stand from the norm, why not check these out along with some coffee tables or other tables that suit the look on your exhibition stand that you are trying to achieve. Likewise, exhibition organisers are able to create some colourful, engaging and welcoming VIP areas and client networking areas within their exhibition venue with the use of director’s chairs – once again, the world is your oyster and so you are limited only by your imagination!

Our Tolix chairs are another example of a great addition to our range and they don’t get much more modern than this. That’s not to say that Tolix chairs are for everyone – it very much depends upon the style of exhibition stand or organiser area that you are trying to create. Suffice to say that the gun metal finish provides an exhibition chair that is different to the norm and one that is sure to be appreciated by your guests and clients, especially if you are exhibiting at a fashion show, clothes show or other exhibition where your exhibition styling needs to be cutting edge.

Create stunning exhibition spaces with the best exhibition chair hire range

Another exhibition chair hire option might be our metal Metro chairs. These chairs are available with seat pads in black, red, blue, ensign blue, midnight blue, green, gold, grey or ivory - you choose! These metal chairs are the perfect fit for modern style exhibition stands or maybe even the catering and cafe areas within your exhibition hall if you want to provide your visitors with the very best exhibition experience. Metro chairs are perfectly complemented by our range of exhibition tables such as our Jem tables, for instance, with their metal posts and interchangeable tops. The versatility of these Metro chairs with their seat pads means that you can mix and match to complement your corporate identity which you might also want to consider.

Cafe chairs are metal frame chairs that are stackable and which bring an element of bistro cafes to indoor and outdoor exhibitions. In the hustle and bustle of large exhibitions, most exhibition organisers will dedicate some space in the venue to a cafe or dining area, where delegates and visitors can have some welcome time out to enjoy a coffee and a snack, browse through some of the literature they have gathered from the exhibition stands and also map out the exhibitors they want to visit next. Temporary café furniture for exhibitions is a must for many exhibition organisers and so why not browse online today with the exhibition chair and table hire experts at Eventex Furniture.
Our high back chairs will look stunning on your exhibition stand, especially when you bear in mind that you can choose the colour of the seat pad to match up with your corporate colours. Choose from our seat pad colours of black, ivory, gold, black, blue, ensign blue, midnight blue, grey and even white faux leather. These are wood framed chairs which provide a modernistic look on an exhibition stand or maybe as an exhibition organiser you could use them in your catering areas or VIP dining areas if you are hosting a special lunch for key clients, for example.

Exhibition chair hire for all the major UK exhibition venues

Banquo chairs are transparent chairs that provide a very modern and contemporary look and finish for your exhibition stand. These chairs - also known as ghost chairs or ice chairs - are ideal for clothes shows, fashion based exhibitions and other cutting edge exhibitions where image is everything. You can hire exhibition chairs in the quantities you need from the exhibition furniture hire experts today at Eventex Furniture. Why not combine Banquo chairs with some of our exhibition table hire options to complete the look you want to achieve.

Executive chairs help to transport the office look to your exhibition stand, so why not enjoy a professional look and finish to this year's event. It's always a good idea, especially on professional exhibitions to designate an area of your stand, perhaps partitioned off with screen dividers, for more formal meetings and negotiations. Alternatively, you could hire executive chairs for meeting rooms and even organisers offices. The black faux leather upholstery provides a stylish look as well as being functional and extremely comfortable. Always popular for exhibitions, our typist chairs have gas lift adjustable height and look stunning alongside reception desks and units. Our range of reception counters is also extensive here online at Eventex and you might also want to consider booking stools and executive chairs as further options.

On a slightly different note, our unit chairs, for instance, are available in 2 different leather colour options as well a charcoal fabric alternative and look superb on your exhibition or trade show stand. Depending upon the styling of your exhibition stand, you can hire unit chairs to provide an informal area so that you and your guests can enjoy a coffee together and discuss business. Alternatively, as an exhibition organiser, you might want to create a specific area within your exhibition hall and offer low seating for your guests. Whatever your requirements, unit chairs make an excellent seating option.

Seminar benches for lecture theatres & demo areas within your exhibition venue

And why not consider our benches for hire which are ideal for temporary exhibition seating in your exhibition hall in areas where you want to provide seating for volumes of people at any one time for seminars, presentations and demonstrations for example. Our range of benches and seating forms provide you with a range of options, one of which is sure to fit the bill. The great thing about our seminar benches, for example, is that they are a neutral grey in colour and have cushioned seat pads fitted to the benches with Velcro - these seat pads are interchangeable and so exhibition organisers are able to choose the best colour to match their exhibition branding, or to differentiate different seminar areas within the exhibition hall – choose from fabric cushions in black, gold, green, ivory, blue, ensign blue, midnight blue, black and ivory and even white faux leather as an extra option.

At the same time, exhibition organisers may well be interested in the fact that they can also hire wooden picnic benches and even foldable picnic benches here online at Eventex, enabling them to create indoor cafe areas and catering zones within their exhibition venue - all part of our complete product portfolio of exhibition furniture rental!  Likewise, our range of cafe furniture is second to none, including lightweight aluminium cafe chairs along with the modern and contemporary Nova range in both black and teak options.

You can hire benches in the quantities you need from the exhibition furniture hire specialists online here at Eventex Furniture today. We are able to provide the quality of furniture rental that is so critical for professional trade shows and exhibitions, providing a seamless service to deliver the exhibition benches to site before the start of the exhibition and then to collect them immediately afterwards from the exhibition stand or the area within the exhibition venue.

Free delivery service from Eventex for all exhibition furniture rental

Whatever exhibition chair and bench hire you need, Eventex has the complete range from which you can choose online to help create stunning exhibitions. You want to ensure that you maximise your exposure at an exhibition - after all, they can be pricey affairs - and so always look to rent exhibition furniture from a reputable company who you know is going to supply the best quality furniture rental for exhibitions, and that it is going to turn up in the right quantities, at the right location and on time before the start of the exhibition. Even better is the fact that Eventex will provide you with a free delivery and collection service directly to and from your exhibition stand before the start of your show and immediately afterwards, so you don’t need to worry about a thing apart from how to make the exhibition the best networking and most successful show it can possibly be.

Offering nationwide coverage to all the leading exhibition venues, a great product range, competitive prices, and all backed up by outstanding customer service, Eventex is your #1 source and destination for exhibition furniture rental online. To hire, you can either place your order securely online 24/7 or, if you prefer, you can call a member of our expert sales team who will be delighted to assist you with your chair hire requirements for your upcoming exhibition. Either way, we look forward to hearing from you soon.