Poseur tables are ideal for exhibitions

Poseur tables are ideal for exhibitions

18 Nov, 2017

When it comes to exhibitions, space is often at a premium, especially if you are an exhibitor on an exhibition stand, or even if you are the exhibition organiser looking to host exhibitors in a certain area within your exhibition hall.

Either way, the chances are that you will want to hire furniture which both looks stylish and offers a space saving function. And this is where poseur tables truly come into their own.

Poseur tables are those tables that are elbow-high, often found in smart bars and nightclubs, at which people can stand or sit on bar stools and have their drinks at a convenient height. In the world of exhibitions, however, these make perfect tables for conducting business negotiations face to face, replacing drinks with documents, and therefore offering the space saving solution you are looking for. Likewise, you might be an exhibition organiser wanting to hire poseur tables for your post-exhibition drinks party – again these are perfect as large numbers of poseur tables can be used in a relatively small area.

Poseur tables for hire from Eventex Furniture are just a part of our exhibition furniture rental UK range, yet even within the poseur tables section as you will see on our website, we still have a number of options within this. All our poseur tables have highly polished chrome posts, yet the material and shape of the table tops are interchangeable, providing our clients with the ultimate in flexibility and choice to make your area look the very best it possibly can be.

Our team here at Eventex Furniture are here to work with you to make your next exhibition truly memorable, and so why not get in contact today!

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