*NEW* Mobile whiteboards for exhibition organiser offices

*NEW* Mobile whiteboards for exhibition organiser offices

15 Jan, 2020

The organiser offices at large scale professional exhibitions can be busy places, and for larger shows are often set up a few days in advance of the exhibition opening.  This enables the exhibition organisers to be on site and available for their contractors during the show build, and then for their exhibitors when they arrive on site, often the day before the show starts.

Because these organiser offices are a temporary solution, major exhibition organisers often benefit from our extensive range of exhibition office furniture here online at Eventex, and one of these items now in the range is our new mobile whiteboard.  This is great for communication in the planning office, for leaving messages, for brainstorming and for general planning purposes.  The usable white space is just short of 1.2m x 1.2m and so there is ample space!  It is on four wheels which can be locked into place once the whiteboard is in position so it doesn’t move whilst you are trying to write on it.  This board must only be used with non-permanent marker pens, which can then be dry-wiped off after use. 

For the complete range of exhibition furniture hire, don’t hesitate to browse and hire securely online 24/7 with the experts at Eventex Furniture, delivering directly into all the major UK exhibition venues to provide a seamless service for exhibition organisers and their exhibitors.  Rent online today!

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