Impactful exhibition stands

Impactful exhibition stands

30 Oct, 2019

Visit any professional exhibition and you’ll see that it’s getting ever-more difficult to stand out from the crowd.  That’s why the best exhibition professionals think creatively in terms of how they can differentiate themselves from the rest.  With lots of players from the same industry battling it out for market share and more clients, the pressure is on at professional trade shows and exhibitions to do something unique and exciting – something that is going to draw people’s interest and enable your sales team to engage with them.

Whatever this might be, it’s definitely worth the chance.  It might be that you turn to using large LED screens on your exhibition stand – after all, in these days of technology, our eyes are naturally drawn to moving images and video.  At the same time, you might want to consider hiring some freestanding screens for your exhibition stand – with the natural move away now from hard copy brochures, why not enable guests to be able to browse your website and social media channels electronically whilst visiting your stand and enjoying a cup of coffee, for instance.  And why not check out our games and entertainment products here at Eventex where we offer everything from table tennis tables, arcade machines and even pool tables – these bring the fun element to proceedings as well as keep potential clients on your stand for longer!  You could even run a competition along the lines of a winner stays on or a hi-score champion at the end of the day.  That said, you want to also ensure that some work gets done!

The example pictured here is of a company in the vaping industry who used a Lamborghini to attract interest onto their stand.  Once the guests were on the stand, then informal meetings could take place using the stools and tables, enabling their sales team to close the deals.

Whilst we don’t hire out Lamborghinis, you can source almost everything else you need for your exhibition stand or organiser area online here at Eventex Furniture.  Take a look around and get in contact today!

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