Exhibition stools & poseur tables

Exhibition stools & poseur tables

08 Jan, 2018

Visit any trade show or exhibition and you’ll notice that one of the main types of exhibition furniture on show are stools and poseur tables, and there is good reason for this.

Successful exhibitions are busy. Busy with delegates walking round and visiting the various exhibition stands, and the exhibitors busy trying to entice the delegates onto the stands. After all, exhibitions and trade shows are all about networking and communicating your company brand to visitors and guests. But enticing delegates onto your exhibition stand is just the start – it’s equally as important what happens when they are there.

You will want your visitors to feel welcome and, at the same time, still provide that air of professionalism. The correct choice of exhibition furniture, therefore, is important, and this is where poseur tables and stools for exhibitions come into their own. This is because they are multi-purpose. You can be standing alongside a poseur table, talking and discussing business with a delegate, and maybe showing them information or images on a tablet or laptop on the poseur table. Or, you can sit on a stool at the poseur table, which is often warmly received as attending an exhibition can often be tiring, especially if you are there across the whole day.

In addition, poseur tables and stools are a good space saving option for your exhibition stand. Space at exhibitions can often come priced at a premium and so you want to make sure that every square foot of your exhibition stand is well utilised. Rather than using settees and armchairs which are bulkier items of exhibition furniture, poseur tables and stools allow for up to 4 people sitting around the table in a relatively small amount of space. Of course, this is not an exact science, and the nature of some exhibition stands will dictate that sofas, settees, armchairs, cube stools and other soft furnishings are more appropriate. However, many exhibitors will choose to go down the table and stools for exhibitions route.

Whatever poseur tables and stools you need to hire for your upcoming exhibition, rest assured that you will be able to hire it all from the UK’s leading furniture rental for exhibition company. With our wealth of experience in the industry, we offer a comprehensive range from which you can select the best options for you at a competitive price. And, with our delivery service direct to exhibition stands before the start of the exhibition and then collection immediately afterwards, you will benefit from a seamless hire experience, allowing you to concentrate on making your next show the most successful it can possibly be for your company.

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