Barrier hire for exhibitions

Barrier hire for exhibitions

02 Dec, 2017

As exhibition organisers, there are several key areas that you might want to define within your exhibition hall such as the organiser’s offices, the entrance foyer, shows, demonstrations or seminars that take place within the exhibition, and maybe even the café or other eating area for dining and networking.

For these areas, you might want to consider hiring retractable barriers as part of your queue management strategy. These Tensabarriers are free standing posts with two metres of retractable webbing that winds round inside the post, the end of which can then be attached to the next barrier, forming a line of barriers. Whilst Tensabarriers are not designed for managing crowds, they are useful for guiding people into queues in high volume traffic areas in your exhibition hall.

You might want to also offer VIP barriers to your exhibitors – these are chrome posts which again are freestanding and which have loops attached to them to which ropes are clipped to form executive VIP barriers to provide that welcoming look to any exhibition stand.

So, when you are organising your exhibition and exhibition stands, why not consider barriers from Eventex Furniture – these are both functional and stylish at the same time.

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