Accessories Hire

Our range of accessories for exhibition stands and organiser areas is wide ranging, including items such as chrome posts and velvet ropes for that special VIP welcome or to section off specific areas of your exhibition venue, retractable Tensabarriers for effective queue management in your venue welcome area, and even vanity mirrors, garment rails, shelving and much more to complete your exhibition requirements list. Eventex provides a seamless, nationwide hire service to all the major exhibition venues and so when you hire from us, you can expect a hassle free exhibition furniture hire solution, enabling you to concentrate on other areas of your exhibition to make it the complete success you want it to be. Browse and hire online or call our expert sales team, one of whom will be delighted to discuss your upcoming exhibition requirements in more detail. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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Hangers (Pack of 20)

Price £3.00+ VAT

Waste Bin

Price £6.00+ VAT

Barrier Rope - Blue

Price £15.00+ VAT

Barrier Rope - Red

Price £15.00+ VAT

Barrier Rope - Black

Price £15.00+ VAT

A4 Sign Holder For Chrome Tensabarrier

Price £15.00+ VAT

A4 Sign Holder For Black Tensabarrier

Price £15.00+ VAT

Chrome Barrier Post

Price £20.00+ VAT


Price £25.00+ VAT

Carrier Bag Stand

Price £25.00+ VAT

Coat Rail

Price £25.00+ VAT

Hat Stand

Price £30.00+ VAT

Cheval Mirror

Price £34.00+ VAT

Tensabarrier - Silver & Blue

Price £35.00+ VAT

Tensabarrier - Black

Price £35.00+ VAT

Back Stage Vanity Mirror

Price £35.00+ VAT

Lightning Hat & Coat Stand - White

Price £40.00+ VAT


Price £42.00+ VAT

Barrier Plinth

Price £50.00+ VAT

Freestanding A3 Sign

Price £60.00+ VAT


Price £62.00+ VAT

Kentia Palm Plant

Price £90.00+ VAT

Pipe & Drape System

Price £100.00+ VAT

Accessories Hire

Why not take a moment to browse our range of exhibition stand accessories to complete the look you want to create, from VIP barrier ropes through to coat rails - we have it all! As well as hiring furniture for your exhibition stand, you will also want to accessorise it as well, not just to make it great to look at but also to ensure that it is functional, and that is where our exhibition accessories section here online at Eventex Furniture is so diverse.

At the same time, if you are an exhibition organiser, then you might want to have a browse of our selection for your organiser offices, or even for the welcome and entrance areas at your exhibition. Everything from posts and ropes, queue management barriers for exhibitions, waste bins, hat stands and so on - everything you could possibly need in addition to furniture hire to help make your upcoming exhibition the best it can possibly be.

Place your order online at Eventex today and benefit from a top class exhibition furniture rental offering that is second to none. Our range, our prices and our quality of service can't be beaten, and we service all the major exhibition venues in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Telford and beyond.

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